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Get Connected


Small Groups CTK
Small Groups consist of 7-10 people meeting once a week for fellowship and to dive deeper in scripture.
We offer a variety of topics and try to place you in a group that works for your schedule!

It's nearly impossible to grow without intentional relationships, so consider being a part of one of these life giving groups.
Please visit the homepage and click the "Get Involved" button or fill out a card in Mass on Sign Up Sunday (January 13th, 2019)!



Passion Play

A student-initiated production on Christ's Passion during Lent and performed at CTK in the Church.
Spring 2019 Date: April 11th

We would love your help! Any talent you may have been blessed with could be extremely helpful to us! We need actors, musicians, make-up artists, program/art design skills and people who can help with costumes, lights, props, sound and all things "backstage". There is a place for everyone!

Contact for more information.