Bible Studies

Please see our Spring 2023 Bible Study options below. If you would like to join one of these studies, please contact Jordan Lane at [email protected] Please note that some studies are catered to specific affinity groups.

Day of WeekTimeFor whom?LeaderLocation
Monday4:30pmMembers of Delta GammaMary Grace B. & Elise C.CTK
Monday6:45pmMembers of Delta Delta DeltaGabby B.DDD House
Monday7:00pmall womenAnna T.CTK
Monday7:00pmall womenAbigail M.private residence
Monday7:00pmmembers of Pi Beta PhiAmanda M.Pi Phi House
Monday7:00pmall menBryce D.CTK
Monday7:30pmall womenAmelia B.Park Place
Monday7:30pmfemale athletesKelley H.private home
Tuesday7:00pmSTM/Lafayette freshmen menShane N. & Jacob G.private home
Tuesday7:30pmMembers of Chi OmegaAngelle D.Chi O House
Tuesday8:00pmall menAndrew M. & Nick B.CTK
Wednesday5:00pmall womenFaith K.FOCUS Office (CTK)
Wednesday6:00pmall womenGracie B.TBD
Wednesday6:00pmall womenHaleigh B.private home
Wednesday6:00pmall Greek (sorority) womenJess T.private home
Wednesday6:00pmall Greek (fraternity) menShane N.private home
Wednesday6:00pmChapelle High School alumnaeJulia P.private home
Wednesday6:30pmmale engineering studentsZach S. & Jean Ross N.private home
Wednesday7:00pmall womenSam C.Phi Mu House
Wednesday7:00pmmale athletesSebastian W.private home
Thursday5:00pmfemale graduate studentsFaith K.private home
Sunday7:30pmall womenGabby & Kenzieprivate home