Missions & Service

At Christ the King, we seek to do the corporal works of mercy by serving our local community and sharing the Gospel through our lives. For more information about service through Christ the King, please contact Scott Johnson at [email protected].

St. Clare Manor Nursing Home

I was sick, and you visited me.”  (Mt. 25:36). Pope Francis repeatedly tells us “We live in a ‘throw-away culture,’ which uses people only so long as they are useful, after which the person is only a bother to society, especially the elderly.  We are called to counteract this poisonous throw-away culture. Let us not abandon the elderly and never allow them to be cast aside!”   
We will be going to St. Clare’s every other Sunday from 9:30-11 a.m. We meet in the CTK parking lot and depart at 9:15am. Check the events calendar to see when we’re going next!

Prison Ministry

For I was in prison, and you came to me.” (Mt 25:36). The Lord loves and identifies Himself with the marginalized to teach us that He has not forgotten nor abandoned anyone, and that no life is beyond His mercy.  We are encouraged and challenged to follow his example. Our visits will include some of the following: conversation, tutoring, sharing God’s word, and sacramental prep for mass and confession. We will visit one of the men’s and women’s state penitentiaries once or twice a month, either on a Friday or Saturday. The visits will occur between 9:00- 10:30 a.m., or from 12:30-3:30 p.m., with the schedule varying based on the prison.

Homeless Ministry

For I was hungry, and you fed me.”  (Mt. 25:35) Homeless Ministry is not simply about giving handouts but seeks and strives to alleviate the fundamental hunger of every person, to be known and loved through conversation, connection and friendship.  Every Sunday from 11:15 a.m. -1:00 p.m. we will carpool from the JPII House (3466 Dalrymple Dr.) to the St. Vincent de Paul center on Florida Blvd.

St. Gerard’s Tutoring Program

I was a stranger, and you welcomed me.” (Mt. 25:35) Children across the city are in urgent need of direction and positive role models.  The difference you could make can profoundly impact the entire trajectory of their lives.  St. Gerard’s is a private Catholic school in North Baton Rouge looking for students who are willing to provide tutoring in math, science, social studies, and reading for kids in grades 3-8.  Commitment is key, and we’re looking for students who can dedicate just one afternoon a week.  The program runs Monday-Thursday starting at 2:30 p.m. and ending at 4:30 p.m.  This flexible schedule enables you to balance your academics while potentially making a big difference in a child’s life. 

Mission Trips

We have lots of exciting opportunities this year for missions and pilgrimages!


Mission Trip
Who we work with: FOCUS/Christian Life Movement
Trip Capacity: 20
Cost: $2,750 – $3,600 (fundraising options available)
Dates: Spring Break – March 8-17
Apply: www.focus.org/missions/trips/latin-america/brazil/

Questions? Email Kelley Hartman at [email protected] 


Holy Land

Who we work with: Passages Israel
Trip Capacity: 40
Cost: $1,980 (international flight included)
Dates: May 19-29, 2024
Apply: contact Scott Johnson at [email protected]


ALP Europe Adventure Pilgrimage

Who we work with:
Altum L’alto Pilgrimages (ALP)
Trip Capacity: 20
Cost: $2,400 (flights not included)
Dates: Summer 2024
Apply: contact Scott Johnson at [email protected]



Pilgrimage/Mission Trip
Who we work with:
Dartmouth University
Trip Capacity: 20
Cost: $1500 (flights included)
Dates: December 10-21, 2023
Apply: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdI3oytoEJe1JVU0LqHMwUsMoUImvMH2fM4uw8Hb8MBStqvrA/viewform


Mission Trip (for students in Greek Life)
Who we work with: FOCUS/Amigos de Chimbote
Trip Capacity: 20
Cost: $2,600 (fundraising options available)
Dates: Spring Break – March 8-17
Apply: www.focus.org/missions/trips/latin-america/peru-chimbote/#details
Questions? Contact Jessica Taylor at [email protected]!

Serve with CTK!

“If we are to share our lives with others and generously give of ourselves, we also have to realize that every person is worthy of our giving. Not for their physical appearance, their abilities, their language, their way of thinking, or for any satisfaction that we might receive, but rather because they are God’s handiwork, his creation. God created that person in his image, and he or she reflects something of God’s glory. Every human being is the object of God’s infinite tenderness, and he himself is present in their lives. Jesus offered his precious blood on the cross for that person. Appearances notwithstanding, every person is immensely holy and deserves our love. Consequently, if I can help at least one person to have a better life, that already justifies the offering of my life. It is a wonderful thing to be God’s faithful people. We achieve fulfillment when we break down walls and our heart is filled with faces and names!” – Pope Francis, Joy of the Gospel

Baton Rouge Service Opportunities

  • The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is an international, non-profit, charitable organization, which has a rich history of service to the needy of our community. Learn more.
  • Woman’s New Life Clinic provides services and resources for women facing an unplanned pregnancy. Women considering all options are welcomed. They have licensed counselors and nurses. WNLC is a safe place to talk, obtain needed referrals or resources, and receive medical services to learn more about pregnancy. Learn More.
  • Catholic Charities of Baton Rouge proclaims the Gospel vision of Jesus Christ by serving the needs of individuals and families, especially the poorest, and working with the Church and communities for justice, peace, and compassion in society. Learn more.