Senior Retreat

Apr 17, 2021
@ 12991 Highland Rd


A Retreat for all 2021 Seniors held here at Christ the King, hosted by the CTK Graduates to talk about Faith & Practicals in the post college life.
  • Mass
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Networking
  • CTK Graduate Speakers
Saturday, April 17th from 9am - 2:30pm in the CTK Activity Center. Please RSVP!

To participate in this year’s “Senior Thank You” please send us a graduation picture and a paragraph of your story!


How were you involved at CTK during your time at LSU?
What thanks would you like to extend to all the people who make the ministry here possible through their time and finances?
We send these as thank yous to the wonderful benefactors who keep investing in Christ the King out of hope for the students on LSU’s campus!!


Your story is so important to the people who make this ministry possible to see their impact and to show off our wonderful graduates. At this time of graduation and moving on to the next step in your future, this is a great opportunity to look over the past few years and consider how much you’ve grown and accomplished in such a short time.
Your participation is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
All pictures and testimonies can be emailed to